Response to Graeme Leach

A few months ago, the press and news websites were full of articles saying that it would be easy for the UK to get a Free Trade Agreement with the EU. 

Now that the reality is starting to set in of just how complicated Brexit is, the tune has seemingly changed. 

Every day now it seems we are seeing more articles saying ‘we don’t need a deal’ ‘WTO rules would be fine for the UK’ etc. 

We are getting a bit sick of explaining why WTO rules would be terrible for the UK – but to be brief; it would mean the imposition of tariffs harmful for importers and exporters, added red tape and greater difficulties for financial services providers. This is why no major economy trades with the EU on purely WTO terms. 

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Hard Brexit – Not in Our name

This week, Prime Minister Theresa May was asked on LBC whether if the EU referendum was ran again, would she vote to Remain or Leave, given that she originally voted to remain but is now leading a Government intent on leaving the European Union.


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Response to ‘Steve Analyst’


Earlier today, a Brexit supporter who supports the UK rejoining EFTA (as we also do) proposed that the UK should try to gain access to EFTA’s trade deal portfolio (by rejoining EFTA and applying to take part in those deals) once the UK leaves the EU.

His proposal was rejected by anonymous American Tweeter Steve Analyst who was critical of EFTA’s trade deals. In this blog post we will examine these issues in some detail. 

The European Free Trade Association (EFTA) has 27 FTAs covering 38 countries and territories outside the EU. It also has Joint Declarations on Cooperation with four further countries.  Continue reading Response to ‘Steve Analyst’