Legatum in the news

The Legatum Institute is in the news this weekend (see here and here).  

In response to these negative reports in the press, Legatum have taken to twitter to defend themselves and also released a press release in which they attempt to address the accusations against them. 

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Ireland and Brexit


Of the challenges facing the UK as a result of the Brexit vote, few are as complex as the Irish border issue. Even we who live and breathe Brexit issues find it almost impossible to resolve. 

The ‘Ireland’ question is complicated because of two major issues – the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland is huge; and even if it weren’t, voices on both sides have expressed a desire not to see any physical border infrastructure such as checkpoints or inspection posts.  

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Debating the EEA

Tonight in the House of Commons there was a debate on Brexit, the EEA (European Economic Area) and EFTA (European Free Trade Association). Watch HERE.

The debate was organised by Stephen Kinnock MP. 

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