One thought on “Brexit: Cutting the Gordian Knot”

  1. Thank you for posting this paper. I am firmly convinced of the merits of rejoining EFTA (and would very much welcome it). I voted Remain in the referendum, but of course honour the outcome of the referendum vote. I believe strongly that EFTA/EEA achieves a good position for both sides of the referendum for all the reasons described in this paper (with many aspects of the “Norway Option” which might appeal to the Leave campaign neglected in open discussions). Whether or not the UK rejoins the single market via the EEA Agreement, the UK should in any event rejoin EFTA as a full member (or at least as an associate member (Finland being the obvious precedent)) so that the UK is best placed to take advantage of EFTA’s free trade agreements on Brexit. I think it is high time that EFTA is looked at again (noting that in February that the Parliamentary Select Committee made the same recommendation). It is an option that would go some way to uniting both sides of the referendum (taking the heat out of much of the discussion which has followed on from the referendum), not least as membership of EFTA would help to reinforce the sense that the UK has not entirely left continental Europe behind to pursue its own trading strategy. Thank you again.

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