Lessons from Norway

Journalist Stephen Bush‏ recently wrote an article for the New Statesman in which he criticised those advocating an EFTA-style soft Brexit.

In the article he wrote:

“…the difficult truth is that these countries are, de facto, in the European Union in any meaningful sense. It’s hard to see how, if the United Kingdom continues to be subject to the free movement of people, continues to pay large sums towards the European Union, and continues to have its laws set elsewhere, we have “honoured the referendum result”…”[i]

While incorrect, we can see where he picked up such inaccuracies. In this report we examine Mr Bush’s claims and some of the criticisms of the Norway approach, and how it might provide a precedent for the UK.

[i] http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/economy/2017/07/why-we-cant-let-liam-fox-negotiate-post-brexit-trade-deals-behind-closed


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