Open letter to remainers


Dear Remainers,

although we are not strictly on the same side – since we campaigned to leave the EU and you clearly campaigned to remain; we would like to think that we do not need to be enemies. 

In Abraham Lincoln’s first inaugural address he stated: 

“We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection.” 

We ‘Liberal leavers’ are your neighbours and co-workers, your friends and your relatives. Although we wanted the UK to leave the EU, we didn’t campaign to leave it out of hatred or spite – we simply believed that the UK would be better outside of it.

To us, it seemed the EU was moving too fast and too far – from a community based on trade and friendship to an inflexible and centralized Union more focussed on rulebooks, the EU flag and anthem than citizens and member states.

We looked enviously at the examples of Norway and Iceland and Switzerland – all countries that enjoy good relations with the EU, high standards of living and high reported happiness levels

We examined their relations with the EU and discovered that politician’s claims about so-called ‘Fax Democracy’ are provably false

The EFTA countries enjoy tariff-free trade with the EU,  and their citizens can live, study and work in the EU28 countries. 

In many ways they have negotiated all the best aspects of EU membership and co-operation with few of the downsides

We were convinced that after the referendum vote, the UK Government would quickly act to deliver a soft or ‘Smart Brexit’ based on the precedents provided by the EFTA countries.

We are increasingly horrified  about the direction that the Government is taking in these Brexit negotiations and are growing convinced that certain elements in the Conservative party are desperate for a Hard Brexit

Without funding or political backing, we cannot hope to influence MPs away from this course of action. This is where we need your help. 

Please sign our Petition and share information about the alternatives to Hard Brexit. 

You might be thinking – as leavers, this is our problem so we should sort it. But we are where we are – and we all have to work together for the best possible future for the UK. 

If you don’t help us, the only people who will be celebrating will be those who seek the hardest possible Brexit – and that’s not something any of us want, surely? 



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