Rage against illogic


There are two particular groups that insult and mock EFTA4UK on social media – Hardcore ‘remainers’ and Hardcore ‘Leavers’.

In this blogpost we will describe both of these infuriating, illogical groups. 

[CAVEAT: We are not describing all leave voters or remain voters here, most of whom voted the way they did for a variety of rational reasons.]
The Hardcore Remainers (a tiny minority of the whole remain movement) are ardently Europhile yet seem to know little about the EU or how it works. 

They certainly don’t believe it could possibly have any flaws, believe Brexit should be cancelled immediately and don’t think that there ever should have been a referendum on EU membership.

They even seem to believe that the UK should join the Euro and welcome media stories of plans for a ‘EU army’. 

This tiny group seem to consider themselves European First and British second. They seem to think all leave voters are parochial xenophobes.

They are utterly impervious to logic or debate, seemingly existing in a bubble of their own where the normal rules of logic don’t exist.

An example would be that they say the Referendum was invalid because we live in a Parliamentary democracy and the wise heads of MPs should decide our future, not the public. Yet in the same breath they say MPs are stupid and irresponsible for allowing the referendum in the first place!

To the hardcore remainers, every bit of economic bad news is directly linked to the result of the EU referendum vote. And when presented with a bit of economic good news, they reflexively just say “well, that’s because we are still in the EU.”

And what of the Hardcore Leavers

To them (a tiny minority of the whole leave movement), every bit of economic bad news is either totally unrelated to the result of the EU referendum vote, or they claim that the cause of the bad news is somehow a result of the fact that we are still in the EU!

And when presented with a bit of economic good news, they reflexively just say “well, that’s because we are leaving the EU.”

To the Hardcore leavers any suggestion that the UK needs a deal with the EU is an insult bordering on treachery – they believe that not only is the UK good enough to survive outside the EU and EEA on WTO rules alone – but that that our economy will (somehow) immediately boom as soon as we leave the EU. 

The most annoying thing is that it is incredibly difficult to PROVE EITHER GROUP WRONG.

Let’s say the UK gets a great deal – this will merely prove (to the hard remainers ) the EU’s munificence and generosity in deigning to give the UK a good trade deal out of pity (which of course, they will believe could never be as good as EU membership!). 

If the UK doesn’t get a good deal, or no deal, it will merely reinforce their belief that leaving the EU was a bad idea in the first place and confirm their suspicion that those who voted leave are stupid. 

And what about the hard leavers?

If the UK gets a great deal – this will merely prove their theories about British exceptionalism were correct and their statements about “they need us more than we need them” were right all along.

If the UK fails to get a deal, or gets a bad deal of some sort, they will say “this just goes to show how vindictive and vengeful the EU is – we were right to leave such a bullying organisation!” or “this is a punishment from Mr Juncker for having the temerity to leave!”.

With perceptions so warped, there is literally no purpose engaging in such people.

The Hard Remainers despise us because we want the UK to leave the EU and don’t want to “#STOPBREXSHIT!!11!” 

They never seem to consider the likely political and democratic fallout if the government were simply to stop Brexit.

The Hard Leavers despise us because they think retaining any links to the EU after Brexit is somehow “remaining in the EU by the back door”. 

The fact is, the UK has voted for Brexit. The Government supports Brexit, the Article 50 letter has been sent and the main UK opposition party also supports Brexit. While stopping it is technically possible, politically it would be nigh-on impossible.

But the UK won’t thrive if it trades with the EU and other countries on WTO rules alone. In fact leaving in 2019 on such terms would be highly damaging not only economically but to many aspects of public life. We cannot stress enough how bad this ‘no deal brexit’ could get. 

The most logical course of action therefore is to find a model of Brexit which allows us to retain the best aspects of EU membership while allowing us to make our own trade deals around the world, regain control over our fishing and agricultural policies and gives us back our seats on the global top tables. 


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